‘KNOWLAUM’ Brand Concept Video

Lotte E&C Knowledge Industry Center 'KNOWLAUM' Brand Concept Video

This is a concept film for 'KNOWLAUM', the brand for Lotte E&C's new Knowledge Industry Center. Knowlaum(놀라움) is a korean word for surprise.
'KNOWLAUM' is a creative space that functions as a source of inspiration.
To represent the concept visually, we utilized a motif we decided to call the 'Chemical Reaction of Inspiration'. In this chemical reaction of inspiration, various ideas, causes, and relationships come together, clash, or move around to create inspiration.
We applied elements of storytelling to best represent the core values of the brand: Growing, Supportive, Unlimited, Progressive. In the video, pieces of emotions and imagination appear and interact with each other to create a surprise, or knowlaum in Korean.

Process Reel

Directed by Bright Young Things

Creative Direction : Hong Isaac
Concept Development : Lee Sangjun(Stduio momu)
Storyboard : Sung Sangwon

Lead Animator & Styleframe : Kang Hyeongseok
3D Animation : Hong Isaac, Kang Hyeongseok, Yun Hohyeon, Sung Sangwon
CG Simulation : Jang Yuhwan(8ight), Yun Hohyeon
CG Compositing : Hong Isaac

Music & Sound Design : Noday

Agency : Daehong Communications
Client : LOTTE E&C